Wrought iron products
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Nowadays, at times of polymers flourishing, there are almost no blacksmiths left, who could be the experts, the unique fascination of the living metal. However, those people, who would like to live in comfort circumstances, are not so very few and the modern industry is to meet their requirements, ensuring acceptable prices, equally with high quality.

The time came, when the iron bars are required not only as a secure protection, but also as the aesthetically beautiful decorative design elements. Designing the living rooms in a modern house, one cannot without the original interior details and small things showing personal tastes of their owner, national traditions and the world design tendency.

Combining the high technologies and equipment manufactured by “HEBO” a well-known German company, JV “Tezintom” is ready to provide the most particular customer with the unique highly-artistic products made of wrought iron, which can not be imitated as “one to one” due to a specific character of the forge art.

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