Suspended and wall panels made of galvanized steel
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The strip ceiling and wall panels produced by JV “Tezintom” from the light and strong steel profile 0.5mm thick, is a real alternative to the traditional interior and exterior design methods for living accommodation and office rooms, facades and safeguards.

The assembling of siding panels by means of the unified constructional bearing profile makes it possible to reduce time and costs of the assembling, meeting the safety requirements and ensuring the delicate design of the construction.

The suspended ceilings and wall panels of JV “Tezintom” are practical, aesthetically beautiful and age-resistant interior elements of your house.

The up to date technology of putting the color polymer coatings on the metal surfaces allows JV “Tezintom” to provide the wall and ceiling panels with excellent anticorrosion protective characteristics and ensure the color design on request of a customer.

Our technology let you make a choice from several configurations of profiles and their type sizes.

Strip ceilings and walls the best achievement of the European manufacturers of roll forming machineries are now available in Uzbekistan too.

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