Steel tiles and profiled roof deck
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Uzbek-German JV «Tezintom» is a large-scale producer of modern roofing material, i.e. steel tiles and their accessories.

Steel tiles of «Tezintom» - are the first-class material for the roof of your house! They have main advantages of an elegant and attractive exterior look, high strength, resistance to any storms and winds; they are 10 times lighter than the traditional ceramic steel tiles. The weight of 1 sq.m. is only 4,5kg. This will effect the considerable cost saving during the house building, because when you use the steel tiles, foundation and wall reinforcement is not necessary, and a light purl in can be enough at the roof installation.

The roof installation is very simple in principle, 2 workers can install the roof of a big cottage for one day. The durability period of the roof like this is the same, as the life period of the whole house. A steel tile roof installed one time requires no maintenance in the future.

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